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Hosted Exchange - Managed Exchange Hosting - Outlook 2007

After years of working on email solutions with our web hosting clients, we have finally found a reasonably priced, quick and easy solution with all the features you need to succeed!

Hosted Exchange Server with Spam and Virus Protection

Our Microsoft Exchange Hosting provider simplifies the setup, provisioning, and management of Microsoft Exchange 2003 by creating a complete managed service for administrators and end-users.

  • Unlimited Mailbox Storage
  • Spam and Virus Protection
  • Mobile Device Synchronization
  • Archiving & Compliance

Please contact us for more details or sign up right now (click here). We are happy to assist with your account set-up and system training for you and your staff.

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by Tim Allix www.Zoomy.com

A few months ago, when I first started to see the term Web 2.0, I was not really sure what it meant; however, as I progress with my business and take advantage of some incredible web-based tools, I begin to see that Web 2.0 is taking the business application concept away from the desktop, and moving it onto the web.

I personally use two web-based applications, and I am taking interest in several more, itís just a matter of time to see if they gain widespread acceptance. The first that I use is Freshbooks, which I wrote about a couple of weeks back; Freshbooks takes the time and billing aspect of my business and allows me to generate invoices from any web-connected computer. I have already experienced a huge improvement in the ease of collection for services rendered since adopting this service. My cost is $27 per month (for 100 customers or less).

I recently converted my email to a Hosted Exchange service, which allows me to keep all my email on a remote server which can be accessed from anywhere. Web-mail is not anything new, but Hosted Exchange takes it to the next level of sophistication; unlike hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail, or any of the myriad other free web-based email services, Hosted Exchange gives the additional capability of having Calendars, Tasks, and Contacts available through a web browser. In my case, if I am using my own computer for email, I use MS Outlook program installed on m PC (this service only works with the 2003 version or later), to connect to my remote mail. It looks and acts just as Outlook does, with the exception that any changes done in the program are reflected in the Outlook Web Mail version, which is viewed through a browser. In other words, if I enter an appointment in my Outlook Calendar, the changes are immediately updated on the host, so that if I use a public computer, or a friendís computer, I can still access that appointment, or any other data that I had entered in the Outlook client. Hosted Exchange also provides me with the ability to share contacts, calendars and other items with other members of my organization who have accounts with the service.

I opted for the Blackberry Synchronization add-on, which means that any changes I make to my calendar, notes, contacts or tasks are immediately reflected on my Blackberry, no matter where I am, provided I am in a Rogers service area. Changes occur in both directions, so if I am on the road and enter a new contact or calendar item into my Blackberry, the changes will be updated in my Outlook program once I get back home, and also in the OWA (Outlook Web Access). For more information about Hosted Exchange, visit www.aboutwebsitehosting.com.

Another Web 2.0 application which has captured my interest, but which I have not tested, is the remote backup. Recently a client of mine asked me about the viability of backing up to the web, and my initial response was that it really isnít practical because of the large amounts of data that most of us have, and the relatively slow speed of the internet for transferring files. A little research, however, tells me that online backup companies have perfected a system whereby every time a user creates or modifies any of his files, or adds a photograph or song to his hard-drive, an invisible little application quietly uploads the new file to a remote server; the user is unaware that this is happening, so there is no chance of forgetting to back up data, it is automatic. The most common reason for data loss is ignorance; users donít bother with backups until disaster strikes, so this is a very nice approach to the problem. The cost is very reasonable, about $50 per year.

Please contact us for more details. We are happy to assist with your account set-up and system training for you and your staff.

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