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Website, FTP & Email Settings:

You will find all your settings on your control panel. Logon with your username and password here: http://my.aboutwebsitehosting.com.  After you logon, click 'website settings' then click the 'site summary' link to the right of the domain you are working on.

DNS Settings:

If your domain name is already registered, but is still pointing to or parked at another host/registrar, you'll need to change the DNS settings to point to our servers.

AboutWebsiteHosting.com DNS Settings:

Note that some name registrars need only the names while others ask for both the names and the numbers (below).


Changing DNS Settings:

Changing DNS settings is done at the registrar where you initially reserved your domain name.  Changes to your DNS settings require up to 48 hours to take effect. The reason for this is that all of the DNS records on servers around the world have to be refreshed with your new settings.  This is called propagation.

DNS Propagation - Temporary Settings:

Until the DNS for your domain name gets updated, use this address to access your website:


Note that this trick can be used with your Internet browser and  website editing programs like FrontPage.

Mail Settings:


http://mail.yourdomain.com - Be sure to change yourdomain.com to the name of your domain.

* alternate logon at http://mail.canadawebhosting.ca using full email address and password.

POP3 and SMTP Server settings:

mail.yourdomain.com - note below regarding outgoing mail / SMTP settings...

How to Set Up Your Email Software i.e. Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape?

Outgoing Mail Problems - SMTP Blocked?

Most of the large ISP's now are requiring that messages be sent through the ISP's mail system to reduce the amount of spam originating from their networks. You can test this by doing the following:
Go to start, run type telnet mail.yourdomainname.com 25 (substituting yourdomainname.com for your actual domain name) press enter. You should see a telnet window that returns telnet mail.yourdomainname.com 25 Trying Connected to mail.yourdomainname.com. Escape character is '^]'. 220 mail.plhosting.com ESMTP If you see anything other than 220 mail.plhosting.com ESMTP then you must use your ISP's mail server for outgoing smtp as Your ISP is blocking connections on port 25 to our mail system.


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